Parent Update #7

Parent Update #7

7 October 2020

Dear Parents,

After a disappointing turn of events this morning, we feel it is imperative that we send this update.

Today, it has come to our attention that the Archdiocese of Detroit is not only ignoring our repeated attempts to collaborate towards a solution but they have now blocked the email address (as shown in the below screenshot) from which we have been communicating so our emails cannot even be delivered.  

As they have never returned any of our phone calls, we are now left with no means to communicate with them and felt that it was imperative that parents are made aware of these actions.

To ensure that it was in fact intentional, a sub-committee member left a voicemail and reached out from their personal email but unfortunately no  response was received.

This shocking turn of events is in direct contravention to the statement made by the Archdiocese to the Cayman Compass which claimed that in the coming weeks it will continue to work closely with St. Ignatius “to develop, share, and implement a transition plan that promotes the best interests of the students, faculty, and staff”.

It is also in direct contravention to the letter sent to parents by Bishop Cepeda where he claimed “I am confident with a continued spirit of cooperation, we can work together to continue the excellent reputation that St. Ignatius has enjoyed for many years”.

The Archdiocese also mentioned in their statement to the Cayman Compass that “…Father D’Souza will continue to update the community going forward”.  To date, we have not had a response from Fr. Naveen or the Parish Council who are also copied on all of the correspondence and who, you will see from our updates, we attempted to engage by phone, meeting request and email prior to reaching out to the Archdiocese. Separately, there is a School Advisory Committee meeting tomorrow evening (Thursday) and we have requested that two of our sub-committee members attend.  If Fr. Naveen approves our request to attend, we hope to learn what, if anything, is being done to address the issues affecting the school.

We have always been transparent that we are working on a mandate supported by the now 458 parents who have signed the petition.  The only message we can take from their lack or response and blocking of our email address is that they refuse to recognize the voice of 458 parents and communicate at all.  

We encourage you to read the updates on our website, especially Parent Update #6 which sets out in very real terms, the many issues at the school.  Please be assured that there is nothing “anti-church” or “anti-Catholic” about our requests; our communications, including the petition letter, being definitive evidence of this. We all want our children to learn in an environment strong in the Catholic ethos. Our sub-committee has invested hundreds of professional hours coming up with a sound governance framework that works within the Archdiocese’s model regarding Catholic Education.  This model would protect the Church and School while also returning stability to the school and ensuring our children receive the first class education they deserve. 

We continue to hold on to our faith and pray that the Archdiocese will have a change of heart and will engage with us; however, in the interim, we need to continue to move forward to protect our children and their education.  We will now reach out to the HSA to arrange another parent meeting as we do not believe any of us foresaw this complete unwillingness to engage nor the necessity to respond in this manner.  

All of our communications are available on and clearly show that there is no intention to move away from the church.  We will, as always, continue to keep you, the parents, updated.

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