Parent Update #17

Parent Update #17

HSA Meeting 10 February and Parent Update

9 February 2021

Dear parents and caregivers,

We continue to work diligently towards resolving the issues at hand.  Please see below for an update on a number of items.

  1. Parent MeetingWe encourage all to attend the HSA meeting tomorrow (Wednesday Feb 10) at 5:45pm at the school.  We will give an update and field questions as part of that agenda.
  2. Archdiocese of Detroit:  We had a very productive conversation with the Archdiocese of Detroit where we learned more about schools and the oversight provided by the Archdiocese for schools located in Detroit.  We feel that we are appropriately designated as a Parish school and learned more about how they operate.  There are several useful initiatives run by the Archdiocese of Detroit to support the many schools under their remit We have asked that they look at a number of these to consider whether St. Ignatius can be included in some of these.  We feel that being a more integrated part of that structure is beneficial for the school as a whole.
  3. Teacher recruitment:  For high side parents, this remains an important issue given the number of changes taking place.  We are thankful for the updates provided by the school but found it difficult to track.  We had a very productive discussion with Mr. Embleton and were able to better understand where we are with regards to the permanent replacement and the interim cover.  Please see attached a grid that we found helpful in understanding how the children are being supported during this period of transition.
  4. School Advisory Committee: We hope to maintain a dialogue with the School Advisory Committee.  Most recently we revisited the mission of this committee to more clearly articulate when we would consider our mission achieved so the committee could be disbanded.  Please see below for what we consider the remaining issues that need to be resolved satisfactorily.
    1. Head of school in place that the parents have confidence in
    2. Revised Constitution in place that addresses the concerns raised by us and the school inspection team
    3. Increased AOD involvement and oversight for the school in place moving forward
    4. Policy approved by SAC setting out clear roles and responsibilities for the Principal and the Pastor
    5. Joint signatures on the bank account

As parents volunteering our time, we can assure you that we are keen for these issues to be resolved as soon as possible and for the committee to be disbanded.  We also firmly believe in the quality of the teaching and community of St. Ignatius Catholic School.  If you look to our school report, our teachers received very strong ratings and our students were praised.  If our leadership and governance issues were to be resolved and rated ‘good’, we would then be rated one of, if not the best school in the Cayman Islands.  We firmly believe that is within our reach and thank parents for standing by the school as these issues get resolved.

Yours in faith,

Parents’ Governance and Transparency Sub-Committee

St. Ignatius Catholic School  – All sub – committee members have access to the email

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