Parent Update #15

Parent Update #15

Results of the OES School Inspection

18 December 2020

Dear parents and caregivers,

We are pleased to confirm that Father Naveen and members of the School Advisory Committee have committed to meet with our sub-committee on Monday, December 21st.  We will update you on that discussion following the meeting.

As per this afternoon’s ePraise message, the Office of Education Standards have issued their report on our school which can be found here:

The report confirms that we have a committed and dedicated group of quality teachers delivering the best education possible within the environment and resources provided; and that the concerns that, we as parents raised, in our meeting on September 14th are validated.  The school has 6 months to take remedial action before we are re-inspected.  We feel it is important for parents to understand this report and the actions being planned to remediate the issues raised and we have requested that an HSA meeting be scheduled for early January where the school leadership team and the School Advisory Committee can present to parents.

As the report clearly sets out, our students are polite, thoughtful, self confident and they are positively involved in the school and the community and our teachers are strong, they have excellent subject knowledge, they know their students well and our students are achieving well because of their dedicated and effective teaching.  The building blocks for excellence are present so its important that the school acts swiftly to address the issues that are destabilising the school.  As the report confirms, our current governance does not follow the requirements of best practice, and decision-making arrangements are not fit for purpose.   These changes are within the control of the School Advisory Committee to remedy, so there must now be a sense of urgency to implement timely changes to improve the governance structure and working conditions at St. Ignatius School which in turn will return stability to the school.

This school needs the contribution and involvement of all its stakeholders, the school, church, the pastors, teachers and support staff, parents and parishioners to deliver excellent education for our children.  We believe this is very simple to achieve if the St Ignatius community comes together and works in unity to remedy the current shortcomings and ensure that St Ignatius is a school and community that all stakeholders are proud to be a part of.  The sub-committee, as your representatives, have always sought to achieve this and will continue to strive for this, as this is the least we should be doing for our children and our community.  While the rating of the school is disappointing, the roadmap to improving that rating is clear.  Working together as a team, these changes are achievable and there should be no reason that our re-inspection is not successful.  After a turbulent term, we are hopeful that there will be progress made.

We will continue to keep you informed and wish you all a blessed Christmas holiday.

Yours in faith

Parents’ Governance and Transparency Sub-Committee

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