Parent Update #12

Parent Update #12

31 October 2020

Dear parents and caregivers,

We wanted to touch base as it has been over 6 weeks since the initial HSA meeting and 4 weeks from our comprehensive letter to the Archdiocese of Detroit and Father Naveen.  We continue to press forward with the concerns we all share.  We wanted to reassure you that we remain committed to seeing the issues through to resolution.  While it is taking longer than we hoped, we have not wavered in our commitment to having our voices heard and the issues resolved.

There is a School Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd.  Through the HSA we have asked for the following items to be addressed on behalf of parents:

1) Constitution:  We would like an update as to what the process for approval is (i.e. is the Archdiocese involved, has the PPC met, etc.) and what progress has been made.

2) Timing:  With only 1-2 meetings a month, we have serious concerns about the timeliness of our issues being addressed.   What is the plan to ensure things are moving forward between meetings?

3) Retention of Mrs. Alexander: We would like an update on the SACs consideration of actions to retain Mrs. Alexander as Head of School.  We remain convinced that she is the best option.  She is experienced, respected by parents and teachers and retaining her would immediately begin to restore stability to our school.  We are hopeful that steps could be taken that would alleviate her concerns so she would withdraw or postpone her resignation until at least the end of the school year.

4) Transition for Head of School:  We would like an update on the transition plan and the progress made for the recruitment process.  We are deeply concerned about timing given we have not seen any advertisements for the role and it has been more than 2 months since Mrs. Alexander’s resignation and her departure is rapidly approaching.

5) Regulatory:  We would like an update on what regulatory inquiries there have been, how they have been resolved and any plans for improving the legal structure around the school.

6) Staff morale:  We are deeply concerned about staff morale and would like an update on how this is being addressed.

We thank you for your many kind words of encouragement over the past weeks.  We also thank the teachers for their commitment during this tumultuous time.  Our children’s education remains our top priority and we will continue to work to ensure that these current issues get resolved as quickly as possible to return stability to the school.

Yours in faith,

Parents’ Governance and Transparency Sub-Committee

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