Parent Update #11

Parent Update #11

19 October 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As you will have seen in Friday’s letter from Father Naveen, he has pledged to diligently work in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Detroit, the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Finance Council and the School Advisory Committee.  He further committed in this weekend’s bulletin to manage the responsibilities of St. Ignatius School with prudence, efficiency and effectiveness in collaboration with the School Advisory Committee. Both of these commitments are well received and appreciated.

Further to this, we have learned that the Chair of the Parish Pastoral Council confirmed in a recent SAC meeting that the Parish Pastoral Council was working with Father Naveen and the Archdiocese of Detroit to consider revisions to the constitution which would address parent concerns and improve the governance for the school.

As you know, following the HSA meeting on 14 September 2020, our sub-committee set out the following priorities:

  1. Stability for the students and the School and we firmly believe that the retention of the Head of School is key to achieving this;
  2. Transparency with regards to decisions being made, the governance structure in general and the financial position of the School;
  3. Independent representation with the members representing the Parents on the School Advisory Committee being elected by the parents themselves for appointment by the Pastor;
  4. Accountability from all those that represent us and that make decisions that impact our children’s education; and
  5. Proper Corporate Governance with appropriate controls to ensure our voices are heard and that decisions are made in a collaborative way without any one person able to act unilaterally and without being held accountable.

At this stage in the process, the constitution document that is being considered by the Parish Pastoral Council for approval would satisfy our objectives 3, 4 and 5 from our petition.  We have met with members of the SAC and the Chair of the HSA and feel comfortable that they are now well versed in our concerns and are best placed to represent parents as the changes to the constitution move forward with Father Naveen, the Parish Pastoral Council and the Archdiocese of Detroit.  We have asked the Chair of the HSA to represent parents through that process.

Our sub-committee remains in place and will focus our attention on the other mandates from that evening and the subsequent issues that have come to our attention.  We remain committed to working with all the parties to ensure stability returns to our school.  We strongly believe that the talent of our teachers and the culture of our school have long been our greatest strengths.  While we may be navigating troubled waters at the moment, we feel confident that it is possible to make changes that will calm the seas and return harmony to our school so our children can thrive, not just today but in the years that come.

We join Father Naveen in prayer for the restoration of unity, harmony and peace to our school.  We also pray for Father Naveen, the Parish Pastoral Council and the School Advisory Committee members as they work together to improve the governance structure on behalf of the parents, teachers, staff and students at the School.

Yours in faith,

Parents’ Governance and Transparency Sub-Committee

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